Activities That Are Bad For Your Energy

Some of the things we do in our everyday life could be messing with our energy or Chi. Chi, or Qi, refers to the flow of your body and mind’s natural energy and there are a variety of things that can affect the health of this energy.

We all know that eating unhealthy foods and not exercising regularly can lead to a decrease in energy, leading to feelings of lethargy and even depression.

But what are some of the daily activities that you didn’t think about that could also be creating negative vibes in your natural energy:

Taking Medication

Certain prescription and over the counter medicines could be having a negative effect on your mental wellbeing.

Synthetic hormones, like the pill, can wreak havoc on your emotions, while antibiotics can alter your digestive bacteria which in turn can weaken your immune system. Headache tablets can also mess with your liver and your body’s natural detoxing methods, while painkillers can cause drowsiness.

Eating Pastas And Breads

Foods that are high in sugar and gluten, such as pasta and bread, could really be harming your mental wellbeing.

Gluten can trigger a range of autoimmune disorders while the processed sugars found in white breads and pasta can cause your levels to spike and drop quickly, leading to an emotional roller coaster.

Using Handheld Devices

The addiction of modern society to tablets and cell phones is really having a negative effect on our mental state of wellbeing.

While there isn’t proof that the radiation from these devices causes harm, what is proven is the impact that being addicted to your device can have on your mind.

The constant comparison of your life to the perfect version of others created online can lead to feelings of being of being inadequate, ultimately manifesting as depression.

Staying At Home

The simple act of being at home or the office could be messing with your energy, if the space has bad Feng Shui. If you live in a house that is organised according with bad Feng Shui, this could be having a negative impact on your state of mind.

This ancient Chinese principals of Feng Shui focus around creating a natural connection between the environment outside and the world indoors. The goal being to harness the natural energies of the environment and translate them within your home.

Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol can blur your senses and affect your sleeping patterns, all of which will have a negative effect on your natural energy.

It normally takes a minimum of an hour to work off this grogginess in the morning if you have consumed alcohol the night before. Drinking lots of cold water in between the alcohol can help to negate these negative consequences.

Working Too Much

Stress raises your energy levels through production of the cortisol hormone, which also causes the fight or flight affect. This can cause your energy levels to then drop dramatically after a stressful event at work.

You should take the time to unwind, enjoy a favourite activity like sports betting in the US and give yourself a break. Work-induced burn out is a very real energy drain.