Exercise While Working From Home

Temporary or permanent, a lot of us have been put in a position to work from home as of late. For many, this has meant a lack of either the time or ability to preform our usual exercises. As much as we believe we can separate work time from our own time, we often cut into our private time while working from home. One of the first aspects to suffer when we have less time is exercise.

Fortunately, it is possible to find a balance and have time for work and exercise. Not in cutting out other aspects of your day, but in exercising while working.

Exercise Ball

Core strength will be important to upkeep, especially when sitting in an office chair all day. A great way to help keep your core strength in check is to replace the office chair for an exercise ball for a few hours each day. Not only will you build core strength, but abdomen and lower back muscles too. Recommendations for sitting on an exercise ball at work suggest starting with small time intervals like 5 minutes every hour and working your way up. If used for too long sessions, sitting on an exercise ball may lead to neck and lower back pains.

Mini Exercise Bike

One of the most time-consuming forms of exercises which everybody needs is cardio. Going for a long walk or a jog can be painfully slow when you know you have other things that you should be doing. A mini exercise bike under your desk while you are working is a fantastic way to add additional cardio to your every day routine.

While an exercise bike will not be as efficient as jogging, you have the ability to use the exercise bike through virtually the whole working day. Not only is it a great form of consistent cardio, but a mini exercise bike can be a great way to help release frustration and help avoid getting distracted from your work. It’s important to find a small unit which works well in conjunction with your chair, or it could potentially put excessive strain on your back.

Standing Desk

Whether in the office or working from home, sitting all day is not healthy for anybody. While the normal advice of standing up for a walk every hour is great, It’s not always feasible when we are focused on an important task. A standing desk or adjustable desk is a great way to avoid sitting all day and get a better all round posture. A standing desk can also be used in conjunction with an exercise bike or treadmill, this is quite situation dependant as it can make typical computer work quite difficult.


Try new potential exercises with compact resistance bands or ankle/wrist weights will be a great way to get some extra calories burnt throughout your working day. There is no perfect replacement for a good exercise session, but this is no reason to not try new things to keep your body in shape while working.