How To Merge Christianity And Buddhism

Many people believe that Buddhism is a religion, but it’s important to always remember that it is, in fact, a way of life. This means that a person aspiring to Buddhism will want to adopt certain methods of living that are more in line with the Buddhist way of thinking. This also means that it’s more than possible to be both a Christian and a Buddhist, something that millions of people around the world practise every day.

That means that not only is it possible to merge the two and incorporate them into everyday life, but they can actually be beneficial to one another and help a person live a more complete life. Let’s delve into what it means to be both a Christian and a Buddhist.

First, Understanding The Differences

To start with, it’s worth keeping in mind that a core tenet of Christianity is worshipping God, but in Buddhism, the Buddha was clear that he was not to be worshipped in any form.

This means that Buddhism is devoid of any kind of worship, and there is no conflict that may arise, even if there are many Buddhists around the world that do see the Buddha as some kind of deity. The ultimate goal of life and death also can conflict in some ways, as Christians believe that once we die, we either go to Heaven or Hell depending on our earthly actions.

In Buddhism, the belief is that there is a cycle of death and rebirth that goes on forever until one reaches Nirvana. It can be difficult to bridge this gap but being a Buddhist doesn’t necessarily mean that a person has to subscribe to the belief in endless reincarnation.

Adopting A Buddhist Lifestyle

One of the main focuses of Buddhism is living a life without causing any kind of harm, which is why many practitioners of this system will refrain from consuming any animal products, such as meat, or from killing anything as much as they possibly can, including other pastimes, such as enjoying gaming at

This can work extremely well with Christianity, as it’s more than possible for a person to become a vegan, for example, while worshipping both God and Jesus and maintaining the Buddhist belief of preserving all life. In fact, there have been a few Christian sects in the past that have subscribed to a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, so it’s not unheard of within Christianity itself.

Adhering To The Bible

Being a Buddhist does not mean that one has to give up on their Christian beliefs and continue to live by the rules and commands that are set out in the Bible. Generosity is an important part of being a Christian, and works well with Buddhism, especially when it comes to going out and helping those that are less fortunate. There is also a strong focus within Buddhism to move away from material goods and rather seek fulfilment in helping those around us, something that is fundamentally shared with Christianity and the teachings of Jesus and his gospels.