The Best Warm Up Exercises To Try Before Martial Arts Training

The Best Warm Up Exercises To Try Before Martial Arts Training

Training in martial arts tends to be particularly intense, and can put a lot of strain on the body. From building muscle, increasing speed and agility, as well as flexibility, it can take a great amount of willpower and focus to complete a full regiment of martial arts training.

Like with any kind of training that puts strain on the muscles, there’s always the chance that something can go wrong. A muscle might be pulled or torn, leaving you to sit and wait for it to repair itself before you can go back to your regular training. One of the very best ways to minimise the risk of pulling or tearing a muscle is by doing a series of warm up exercises before you start the actual martial art training.

If you are new to the martial arts scene and want some common but extremely useful warm up exercises, there are a few different ones to choose from, and they come in all shapes and sizes.. These are meant to give your muscles the time and preparation they need in order to be of full use to you during a training regime. Some of these are simple that can be done while you’re behind your computer, checking up on the news or the latest AFL betting odds, while others require a certain amount of dedication.

  1. Running

This may seem simple and even counterproductive, but running has a variety of benefits that can help your muscles get ready for more intense training. Running is great for the legs, and since martial arts is a sport that requires just as much use of your legs as your arms, it’s important to have your legs in the best shape possible. Going on group runs with friends is also a good way to stay social while improving your overall stamina.

  1. Neck Exercises

Hurting your neck is a good way to put you out of training for a long time, so always make sure you warm up your neck muscles before starting anything strenuous. Simple circular motions are a good place to start, as well as moving your head from side to side.

  1. Push Ups

Push ups are an old favourite, but part of the reason they are so common is because they work wonders. They work the chest, back, and arm muscles, and depending on how you do them, can even give your legs a good warm up.

  1. Leg Stretching

Running is a good place to start, but doing some simple leg stretches can help tremendously. Sitting down and reaching forward to your toes and holding for at least 30 seconds in 20 reps helps warm up the legs in a slow, relaxed way.

Always take things slowly, and try and keep timing within 30 seconds, with 10 – 30 reps on most muscular warm ups.