The Top Lesser-Known Martial Art Styles

There are many different types of martial arts in the world, most of which we know of through famous films, video games, and other types of media.

There are also, however, plenty of fighting styles that haven’t quite achieved the same level of fame. These are styles that are still widely practised, but are often too dangerous to be considered for mainstream media, such as in film or online river belle casino canda games, as an example.

  1. Bakom

Bakom, a product of the poverty-stricken shanty towns of Lima, Peru, is a cruel martial art that teaches not only to disable and/or kill your adversary, but also to use deception and other so-called “less than honourable” methods, such as the use of concealed weapons. Common methods include snapping bones, arm locks, merciless chokeholds, and pinpoint attacks on essential parts of the body, all at a breakneck speed that is intended to overwhelm rivals before they have any time to react to the engagement.

  1. Lerdrit

Lerdrit is a contemporary version of the traditional Thai combat methods presently used by the Thai Royal Army’s elite commandos. Lerdrit’s fundamental values are comparable to those of its ancestors (Muay Thai, Muay Boran). Fighters are instructed to attack without warning, bring their rivals to the floor instantly, and complete the battle rapidly with one of many destructive kill moves, while minimizing the danger of injury by using parts of the body that are considered tougher than others. Like all military combat systems, the goal of Lerdrit is radical and specifically designed for situations of life or death.

  1. Kalari Payat

Indigenous to Kerala’s central Indian state, Kalari Payat is widely acknowledged as the earliest existing fighting system and precursor to some of the world’s most famous martial arts. Oral tradition claims it was established by an image of the Hindu deity Vishnu, also known as the “Preserver of the Universe” and said to have a “permanent shape beyond the normal boundaries of human perception.” Kalari Payat has many variants and subtypes, each specializing in distinct facets of armed and unarmed fighting. One of the most noteworthy is Marma Arti (hitting the vital spots), which can instantly paralyse or kill with a single, well-placed strike at any of the 108 nerve points deemed lethally vulnerable in the hands of a master. Many of the practioners of this style also study Siddha, which is the study of eastern medicine. This is being done to remedy any serious injuries inflicted by those practising this particularly vicious form of fighting.

  1. Silat

Developed by the brutal headhunting groups of Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines, Silat is a collective term for hundreds of distinct fighting types, including grappling, punching, joint manipulation, throwing, and the use of bladed weapons. According to legend, a female developed a fighting system centred on wild animal observation, similar to many other martial arts in Asia. Today, Silat is utilized throughout the Malay Archipelago and neighbouring territories by several army organizations, and by the infamous South China Sea pirate clans.