Accessories To Help Your Meditation Sessions

Accessories To Help Your Meditation Sessions

Many people picture meditation as a person simply sitting in a certain position, closing their eyes, and remaining in a state of peacefulness and concentration for a number of hours. While this is true to some extend, and learning how to maintain calm and focus for long periods of time is necessary, there is much more to meditation than many realise.

Learning to channel inner peace and take on step closer to nirvana is a difficult journey, made that much harder by a world full of loud distractions. We live in a reality where we constantly have smart phones beeping, TVs blaring, the excitement of live AFL betting, and cars hooting on the street. The key to a successful session of meditation is to create a personal space that not only offers peace, but also comfort and focus.

The best and easiest way to go about this is by emulating the experts, and the kinds of accessories they use to create their own slice of meditation heaven. These are the most common items used for meditation.

  1. Candles

Candles are one of mankind’s oldest inventions, and were used fairly widely in ancient China. The Sandalwood candle in particular is a popular choice, as Sandalwood trees are seen as sacred. Not only does it provide a pleasant fragrance, but also a soft light that can ease your eyes after a long day of looking at a computer or smart phone screen.

  1. Meditation Cushion

Part of creating a space for meditation is declaring an area as your own. One way of doing this is by laying down a comfortable meditation cushion, which provides both comfort during a session and a way to corner off your own personal space.

  1. Raw Stones

People have believed in the power of gemstones for thousands of years, and today many still maintain that meditating within the proximity of certain stones can help one access their chakra. One popular example is rose quartz, which is believed to remove negativity from an environment, but there is a huge array of different crystals to choose from.

  1. Sage

Sage has become a popular item for meditation, and it’s said that burning sage can remove negative vibes. It’s easy to obtain, and many find it helps put them at ease.

  1. Tibetan Bowls

Tibetan bowls are designed to vibrate to a different chakra, and these ancient instruments are still in wide use today. The bowls are said to provide extremely deep relaxation while simultaneously reducing stress, increasing the flow of blood, and lowering the heart rate.

  1. Incense

Found at most exotic shops, incense comes in a number of varieties, each with a different effect. They provide a pleasant smell and a calming environment, and are the perfect match for any meditation session.

  1. Books

While reading isn’t part of meditation directly, there is a huge selection of books on energy, healing, and meditation that are worth looking in to.