Monks With Superhuman Abilities

The Abilities Of The Monks

We’ve all heard the stories of Buddhist and Tibetan monks; how they are able to accomplish amazing things using just the power of their mind. Things that the average person would never believe impossible, and because they seem impossible to us, they remain as stories, and nothing more. Before we disregard these stories, however, we need to remember that they are thousands of years old, surrounding a way of life and philosophy that most modern scholars know next to nothing about.

With all the secrecy that surrounds the monks of the east, it’s hard to truly dissect what’s real and what isn’t. To try and find out more about the stories we’ve heard, a team from the University of Harvard travelled to the temples of the east to try and uncover more about the ancient teachings of Buddha, and what the monks are really capable of. If you want to learn more about the spiritual side of martial arts, or simply want a break from your online gambling casino, keep reading to learn more about what the Harvard team discovered.

The Himalayan Monks

The expedition from Harvard took place in the 1980s, led by professor of Medicine Herbert Benson, along with a team of researchers. They decided to stay with the monks and view what they could do, and in some cases, were allowed to film these incredible feats of mind power.

What the team observed was truly extraordinary, and even though there is plenty of evidence, there are still many sceptics to this day. For example, some monks were able to raise the temperature of their bodies by up to 17 degrees Celsius, something that researchers still don’t quite understand to this day. A verified video even shows one of these monks heating up a wet towel wrapped around them, to the point where there is steam coming off of the towel.

Monks would often walk paths of enlightenment, which meant sometimes having to walk up to the peaks of the Himalayas, where they would spend several nights at a time. The temperature at that altitude is already below freezing, but during the winter nights, temperatures drop to the point where most humans would freeze to death in minutes. Yet, miraculously, these monks would return from they journeys completely unharmed, even with their clothing untouched by the terrible cold.

The Indian Monks

Another group of monks based in India were shown to be able to slow their metabolism down by 64% while maintaining consciousness, something that allowed the monks to go without any food for extended periods of time, time that would see the average person starve to death.

Training The Mind And Body

These monks spend their entire lives training; they devote their entire existence to perfecting the art of meditation and physical mastery. They are a good example of why we must always strive to better our own training, because martial arts and meditation are the only known ways to truly connect with ourselves and our surroundings, and to understand that there are things in this world that we can’t fully comprehend, but exist nonetheless.

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