Most Popular Types of Incense For Meditation

Incense is a spice or gum often in dried stick form that can be burnt to produce a sweet smell. They’ve extremely popular around the world, and are most often found during sessions of meditation, but they can be used virtually anywhere.

Similar to gemstones, different kinds of incenses have special qualities that many of those that practice meditation feel can greatly enhance both their sessions and the overall ambience of the room. For those that want to give incense a try for the first time, these are the most popular on the market.


Cedarwood incense is made from the Cedar tree, and like with any incense that is made from wood, it’s associated with fire. It’s also often seen as incense that’s used to instil power or strength, and it wasn’t uncommon to have Cedarwood burning in a castle or fort, or before an army would enter battle.


Amber is said to represent history and knowledge, and is a good starter incense for meditation. It’s associated with air, and has traditionally been used by those that are searching for a sense of self-discovery.


Myrrh, in the past, was most often used to try and create spiritual connections with the deceased, and as such, it could commonly be found burning at funerals. It’s used during meditation as a means of promoting the renewal of life, as well as for purification and healing.


Cinnamon has one of the most notable smells of all the types of incense due how common the spice is, and it’s most often associated with warmth, passion, and increased levels of energy. Cinnamon incense sticks are easy to find and work well for meditation, as the smell tends not to be too strong. It’s also linked to good fortune, and is a good choice to light up before that next game of online pokies Australia.


Inspired by the plant of the same name, jasmine is a sweet, floral incense that can quickly make the entire house smell like a jasmine bush in a few minutes. It’s most commonly associated with love and beauty, and used by those seeking more romantic connections in their lives, as well as inner-beauty.


Frankincense is that famous incense that has been used by mankind for thousands of years, and is just as popular as ever. It’s used to relieve anxiety and stress, and to bring peace into the household. It can also be helpful in ending argument and conflict and restarting an old friendship. Frankincense’s popularity means that it’s just as likely to be used in a church as in a temple of Buddha, making it incredibly easy to get hold of just about anywhere in the world.


Agarwood is traditionally used during meditation sessions to try and unlock experiences from the past as well as accessing memories that are in the subconscious. But the use of Agarwood has declined in recent years as the species has started to become extinct.


Cypress is used by those seeking stability in their lives, and is often burnt to honour loved ones. It’s a calming and comforting fragrance perfect for any type of yoga or meditation.