The Different Types of Crystals Used For Meditation

For countless years, humans have believed in the power of crystals. Their beautiful colours and unique nature make them stand out above most other natural objects found around the world, and people have always been drawn to them, either due to their value or because of their more supernatural abilities. Millions of people around the globe that practice forms of meditation will often make use of crystals during sessions.

Crystals come in many shapes and forms, and anyone practising meditation on a regular basis will often incorporate a number of accessories into their daily or weekly sessions, with crystals being one of the most important. For beginner meditators, these are the most common crystals found in meditation, along with what they are commonly used for.


Amethyst is a beautiful violet crystal that is often referred to as The All Purpose Stone. It’s available in a number of different shades and hues of violet, but can also be found in vibrant purples. It’s associated with the crown Chakra and the Eye Chakra, and is believed to open the gateway to divine consciousness and high intuition. Amethyst is also said to provide clarity when one is suffering from confusion, and can lessen anxiety and stress.

Clear Quartz

Known as The Master Healer, the Clear Quartz is a good general stone that can be used in most meditation sessions. It’s associated with healing at the emotional, mental, physical, and soul level, and resonates with higher chakras, attracting divine light and connecting us with a higher self and higher consciousness, as well as wisdom and love.


Citrine is a golden/yellow stone that is one of the most popular on the market. It’s known both for its beauty and its healing properties, especially for those that want more prosperity in their lives. It’s commonly known as the Merchant’s stone, and can help remove financial barriers, as well as attract a series of new opportunities, such as trying to win big while playing pokies online for real money. It’s best to keep in a wallet or to wear around the neck, or in a cash box.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a common pink quartz that is used to soothe and calm, and symbolizes both harmony and love. It can help meditators open their heart to give and receive love in all its forms. Rose Quartz is also the best stone around for use in relationship troubles, as well as helping to heal the inner child or other emotional problems. It can be placed in the home and the workplace to bring a sense of calmness and peace.

Black Tourmaline

Perhaps one that’s slightly harder to get hold of than the others, black tourmaline is a unique crystal that should be placed in as many places as possible. It’s considered as one of the most protective stones around, and can help with creating a barrier against electromagnetic fields that cause harm. Placing this stone near electronics is highly recommended, and it can also be placed in areas that receive negative vibrations, such as at the workplace. It can also be worn around the neck or in a ring, and can absorb negativity and transform it into more positive energy.