Top 10 Foods for Raising Your Vibration

The concepts of spirituality and vibration are closely linked. Many spiritual people believe that every living thing has a certain vibration fuelling its cells and affecting the environment around it. Some believe that by raising this vibration, you can become more in touch with your spirit and your higher self, leading to improved awareness, enhanced consciousness, and a more spiritually aligned way of life.

The concept of a vibrational universe means that everything is connected. People who adhere to this concept believe that everything we say, do, think, believe, drink, eat and breathe affects your overall state of wellness. ‘High vibrational’ foods are thought to be capable of enhancing your vibration, while ‘low vibrational’ foods can throw off your health and lower your vibration.

High Vibrational Foods to Eat

Believers in the vibrational universe theory believe that high vibrational foods are those that have a greater level of light than they do density. They nourish your body and cells, assist your body in detoxifying itself, and raise your own vibrational frequency, much like online Roulette sites in NZ increase your heart rate when you win.

These are the 10 best foods for raising your vibration:

  1. Organic fruits and vegetables
  2. Dark leafy greens
  3. Raw, fresh herbs like cilantro, basil, ginger, mint, tarragon, chives and dill
  4. Sprouts such as alfalfa, mung bean, sunflower seed and more
  5. Wild-harvested fruits like berries
  6. Freshly pressed green juices
  7. Raw cacao
  8. Medicinal mushrooms like turkey tail, chaga and reishi
  9. Spirulina and chlorella
  10. Pure spring water or crystalline water

Low Vibrational Foods to Avoid

All fresh, natural, organically grown foods are capable of raising your vibration and helping you to achieve an enlightened state of mind and soul. However, there are also many foods that are capable of lowering your vibration, potentially causing discomfort, disease and more! These are the low vibrational foods you may want to avoid:

  1. Sugar- refined, white and other processed sugar
  2. Canola oil and refined vegetable oils
  3. Artificial sweeteners
  4. Wheat flour – especially refined products
  5. Genetically modified grains
  6. Commercially farmed meats and animal products
  7. Fried and processed junk foods
  8. GMO corn syrup and corn products
  9. Caffeine and alcohol in excess
  10. Water treated with fluoride and chlorine.

Other Ways to Raise Your Vibration

If you are on a spiritual path and looking to stay healthy, it’s recommended that you stick to high vibrational foods wherever possible. Shifting your awareness in terms of what you put into your body is the key to a successful spiritual journey.

There are other ways to raise your vibe and enhance your connection with your inner self, too. Your thoughts are powerful, so be sure to keep clean thoughts where you can. Guilt, stress, anger and sadness have much lower vibrations than joy, compassion, love and gratitude!

If you feel like you are in need of a treat, you can also find healthy, nutrient-dense versions of your favourite foods to try out. Remember to eat with gratitude no matter what, and your vibration will already be on the path to healing.